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Before telling about myself, I want to clear something as I have written about myself over the internet for a long time and that’s all the same and when it comes to writing about myself I really forget what to write or what’s important so I will divide the content and would give you a shortcut by which you can go for the topic you want to read easily now common to the exact things you are here.

Short introduction

Hey, I am Haris Khan I am like 20-year-old boy from Pakistan. I grow up in a very remote area in swabi Pakistan it’s called Parmoli.

I am Full-stack developer, graphic designer and internet marketer I would never consider myself an expert since I believe it doesn’t matter how much you learn still you will need to learn more to walk with the very quickly changing technology.

This was my short introduction now coming to the other parts and want you to know about my life, career and other stuff that I am excited to share with you.

Earlier Life

(Note: some of my careers activates are not written below as the below part is just about my life and stuff which happened to me. So for career tab read career part. )


I was born on 4 March 1998 ( actually it’s not my original date of birth since our school management used to keep the date of birth by their choice so they choose it for me through my real is 1996 October )

To lets you know my family is very religious and my father wanted me to study Islamic education and I was the one who didn’t like it that much but somehow I was good it in along with it I completed my basic primary education from one of the public school in my town Parmoli.

People in town were not the advance even they are not still so I didn’t get my hand on technology until I was in 7th and to lets you know after primary education I migrated to Gov school in our town and I regret it for the whole of my life as If had studied there in public school I wouldn’t need to learn some things in the age of after matric education.

So until 7-8th class I was good in the study I used to get 1-2 position in my class but when I got the hand on technology I really give up on education and that was my best decision ever.

I remember when on the first time when I saw a very grey , and 1 color BMP picture which used to be made by dot on black color for very simple mobile phone I really wanted to make that kinda thing for myself and guess what I figured out and made my one but before that I hadn’t any personal computer and when I requested my dad to buy me a computer and as he is religious and people in town thinks that technology is bad for people because they think they will watch songs, movie etc on it and it will affect children or whatever thought so my father went to a molvi of our town and discussed it with him they is it right to buy it thankfully the molvi told my father yes it’s valuable and then my father bought a Pentium 3 Dell computer for me and I was on cloud first I didn’t even know how things works but somehow I got hand on it.

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After when I got it I started using Facebook also and I was from very fewer people who used Facebook that town even when I started using it everybody got to know about me even my school teacher and there was only one school teacher who used to use Facebook so he told me once about using Facebook in class and I was glad that he knew.

I believe that was green light for me one day I saw a screen saver we used to called it but it’s animation and when I saw it I was amazed that how this things work and start searching for it I didn’t have guide who could even tell me that you can search things on Google and get to know it but even if I knew how would I understand that? Because I didn’t know English even broken.

Somehow I finished my school at that school and the strange things I didn’t get good score that’s because I really didn’t give time to study and believe me I am happy as the content of our board was like just converting a human to robot I really hated that and the amazing things is when I was in 9th, 10th class I used to miss classes and worked in office as clerk, it’s strange isn’t it?

After my basic education I got admission in college which is in another town called shewa before that I really looked for any college who provide IT diploma since I had to study just computer science but I didn’t get it and got admission in ICS and I used to get English, computer science classes only and somehow I just get passed it and then got admission in university in same subject BSCS and right now I am studying.

But after ICS I didn’t wanted to study in university as I really believed that I have to do something else and I didn’t know my father would be happy to know that, so someone advise me to get degree in computer science since I believe the sheet of paper doesn’t matter if you are really good in something but then I thought for a while and said to myself why not to get one if it’s matter I would have that if not it doesn’t really matter so that time I went to Islamabad and did some short course and also worked in software house for some month and then came back to home since I really had a university in my mind which would allow studying along with doing freelancing so I got admission in virtual university and it’s good for me. And currently I am studying from it with having good GPA along with it I am doing freelancing and it’s really good for me as I don’t want to give my full time to education.


I am not that a great person or having great knowledge but whatever I have, or I am doing. I am proud of it since I am self-learner and learnt each and everything by myself, as I have never ever had a guide as I used to observe things by myself and somehow I got on track but how? Let’s read it from the first to yet.

As I have cleared already that I belong from a very remote area and no one knows anything about IT, or computer field if some know they just have a hand on MS office, so I remember like it’s happened yesterday when I got interested in technology or in my field.

I was in 7th class though I love technology so I had a phone and I saw an animation gif on my mobile phone I really wanted to make like that and another things is it converted me to an freelancer or tech guy, when I saw it I was really amazed but I couldn’t even know how to make one so I missed it for sometimes then I started using the internet and of course just Facebook since no one knows Google, I made an account on Facebook and I think I was from few people in my town who were on Facebook that time and then suddenly I saw Google and other stuff the best things I could do was just to search someone famous person name and to see their images or to download some useful apps and then I realized how website work ? as I had very interest in making stuff like that.

There were a forum called ITDUNYA I joined it somehow and started interacting with IT expert there as it’s an IT forum people used to help each other and I learn all the basic from there like computer tools and also HTML, CSS, JS from there in my local language Urdu since I didn’t know English.

After that I started learning English with one of my best local teachers, he helped me a lot and then I started work on my first website which was built in HTML CSS and JS just I got my first website published on a free hosting in 2013, it’s still there want to visit?


but till then I had not good internet connection or good computer so after passing basic education from my town school, I started learning JS and its library Jquery   and it was so amazing but still then I didn’t know how to build a complete backed application, along with it a started learning different type of computer application such as Photoshop, MS office, in page and other video editor software.

After that when I joined the college for two year I used to teach my class fellow our computer science books since I was really good in it and of course C++ , as I never learnt C++ except basic but I know basic which we had in books.

After college when I moved to Islamabad I started learning PHP, MYSQL and I loved that as I had not any limit of learning stuff along with it learnt Bootstrap and digital marketing, SEO.

When I got to know about SEO I knew the basic but haven’t ranked any things and I have learnt SEO back in 2013 in IT Dunya but I didn’t know the exact things so when I started I was really happy though it was easy for me and started social media advertisement and also started Youtube channel but then suddenly I had to stop it when I joined software house but after that I left software house and came back now I have very good grip on all of the things that I have learnt.

When I shifted to Islamabad I lunched one of my blogs called Bollyworldviral which was viral blogs and I used to get traffic from Facebook from my million likes page and it really did well and it’s running right now as well along with it i lunched another blog called Pashtoo.xyz and I write content on my culture and rank it, currently with having just 12 articles 8 of them is ranking on the first page.

(a lot of my SEO project has not been included in this career content as I don’t want to show them you can contact me for that If you are going to get my SEO services )

I have worked in many backend projects and of course front-end, I love my work and want to learn more deeply that’s why I am still learning and wouldn’t stop learning till my last breath because if I do that the world is changing very quickly my skills would be old and would not drive benefit. I always run with technology.

Apart from it, I have worked in freelancer, and fiverr for more than one year as I have started it in October 2016 and have done a lot ofprojectst, I love it when my client appreciate me back.




Being a tech guy I am really good at some services thus I give opportunity to each and every one to get benefit from it.
There are some kind of very useful services I provide since I have wrote about it a lot and it will be very amazing if you read it on home page. Or you can read it from main menu on services tab.


BSCS – continue
ICS   – 2016
METRIC – 2014




laravel PHP
JS, ( jquery)






There are a lot of things I haven’t written in my skills and if you want to know about my skills and way of doing things you can have a look at my CV, which you can find out in the footer of website.

Haris khan 

Haris Khan

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